Track #356: I’ll Be Writing More in a Week or Two

prednisone purchase canada 356 I'll Be Writing More in a Week or Two

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The Millennium series by the late Stieg Larsson is one of my favorite series of books. It’s absolutely amazing, but there’s a tragic story behind it. The short version is Larsson died before he could complete the series. His notes still exist, but they’re on a laptop in the possession of his girlfriend of many years, whom he would have married, but because of his job (editor of an investigative news magazine much like Millennium in the books), he frequently received death threats, and due to a quirk of Swedish law, had he married her, her identity and their living address would have become public knowledge. Unfortunately, when Larsson died, his father and brother, from whom Larsson was estranged for years, inherited the money and the rights to the series. They’ve refused to give the girlfriend any of the proceeds, despite the fact that she collaborated on the series with Larsson. Now, they’ve sold the rights to another writer to produce more stories, so they can continue to profit of something they had no hand in creating. It’s all pretty disgusting.

Anyway, I read the free preview pages from iBooks, then I read this article/review–neither is encouraging. I haven’t included a link to this novel, and I don’t recommend it, though I’m sure some will like it. I don’t, as a rule, object to other writers continuing stories about late authors’ characters–I’ve enjoyed the recent James Bond films, despite the fact that they weren’t based on Ian Fleming’s stories (and despite the current writer’s recent dumbass statements about Idris Elba). However, when it’s absolutely clear that Stieg Larsson would not have wanted his brother and father to have his life’s work, and clearly the author who wrote the new book–while he may be a good writer in his own right–didn’t understand the spirit of what Larsson set out to produce.

So far as I know, there is no mention of weed eaters or live chickens in the book–those are references to an old Ray Stevens song–but from what I’ve read, the story would have benefited from the inclusion of either.

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