Track #354: The Fact that Something Was among us Was Plain to See

ivermectin buy cheap 354 The Fact that Something Was among us Was Plain to See

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This would still make a better movie than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

If you aren’t familiar with Squirrel Girl, you’re probably not alone. She’s one of Marvel’s lesser-known, and quirkier, heroines. Apparently, she and Wolverine dated briefly, which explains a lot about my little WtB world. She may seem, at first glance, kind of silly, but reportedly she defeated Galactus once. She eats nuts and kicks butts!

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We had a great time at Granite State Comic Con in Manchester, NH, this weekend (which is why this track is a little late posting: con-lag). We met a lot of great fans and fellow artists, saw a lot of great cosplay, and sold a few shirts. If you came to “With the Band” from one of the cards i handed out, welcome! Please come back to see us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Usually on time. Usually.

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