Track #348: You’d Leave Me for Somebody New

348 You'd Leave Me for Somebody New

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To see more of the political career of Senator Lord Sauron, you can go here, here, here, here, here, and here, then navigate accordingly.

While he didn’t say it at the debate itself, John Kasich, the so-called “sane” candidate in the Republican primary, did, in fact, say he would do this. American education is finally safe!

With that, have a great first day of school, all of my many teacher friends! And enjoy your lounges. While you can! Bwahahaha!

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One Comment

on “Track #348: You’d Leave Me for Somebody New
One Comment on “Track #348: You’d Leave Me for Somebody New
  1. Can you just imagine?

    Painted lettering on door:

    Sign below the first:
    Per order of President Kitsch


    On separate but somewhat related note… How many teachers are of the Repub bent, do you suppose? I have a hard time imagining that there are many.

    Ergo: Presidential Hopeful Kitsch is probably banking on the fact he’s not going to pick up the Teacher’s Union vote…

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