Track #336: Out of a Dream, Out of the Sky

336 Out of a Dream, Out of the Sky

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To see why Neil has such trouble keeping up with time and space, go here and here.

We’re at Boston Comic Con July 31st to August 2nd, so, if you’re there, swing by Table D907!

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on “Track #336: Out of a Dream, Out of the Sky
2 Comments on “Track #336: Out of a Dream, Out of the Sky
  1. True story. We met Gigi Edgley at an Indianapolis con a couple years ago. It was a poorly run Wizard con, and so she had few requests for autographs (lucky for us). She spent 30 minutes talking with us about the series and all sorts of other stuff. She couldn’t be a nicer person. And we have photos.

    • Yeah, I met her at Northeast Comic Con, though it was busy, so I didn’t get to chat. But she frequently came out from behind the signing table and mingled with people, which is not typical behavior. She seemed like a sweetheart.

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