Track #330: Old Times there Are not Forgotten

330 Old Times There are not Forgotten

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I love Rachel Maddow, but she is definitely verbose. I could barely fit all of her dialogue into this strip! I also must apologize for my caricature of Ted Cruz. Not my best work.

Okay, this didn’t happen exactly like this in the real world, but not for a lack of trying. The Republicans who were trying to stop the flag removal in the SC State Senate tried to attach sixty-some-odd amendments to the bill, one of the most popular of which was to replace it with a different Confederate flag. It didn’t pass, but if it had, the Sovereignty/Secession Flag would have been the logical choice, given that it actually was the official South Carolina Confederate Flag. What supporters of the Rebel flag fail to realize or admit, is that flag never had anything to do with South Carolina (it was the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia). It wasn’t raised over the SC State House until the Civil Rights Movement and desegregation. So anyone who argues that the flag isn’t racist, is, well . . . wrong. Just completely and totally wrong. It was intentionally adopted as a giant finger to the federal government for daring to try to end Jim Crow and Segregation in the South.

If you know your Civil War history (which clearly way too many Americans don’t), then you know that only eleven states seceded from the Union, leaving four slave states in the Union. Two of said states–Kentucky and Missouri–joined the Confederacy later. Sort of. They never officially seceded, and the CSA failed to take over their governments. Even so, South Carolina did, in fact, adopt the flag above, complete with fifteen stars, representing the fifteen slave states, even those still in the Union. Yeah. Slavery had nothing to do with the South’s treason and the resulting Civil War.

So, if that amendment has passed (as it did in the WtB world), then the Sovereignty/Secession Flag would have been the most logical choice for the replacement. And you know that, had that happened, the same people (almost exclusively Republicans, surprise, surprise) who so vehemently defend the Rebel battle flag would go absolutely ape shit if they saw it replaced with a flag with a crescent moon and a palm tree on it!

As some of you may or may not know, I was born and raised a Southerner in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but I left as soon as I could and moved to New Hampshire. If you’re interested in an unusual take on the question of modern secession, I highly recommend the book “Better off without ’em” (you can use the handy Amazon link below!). The thesis is at least partially satirical, but the author really understands the Southern perspective, and why I left.

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