Track #328: Now the Rains Weep O’er his Hall

328 Now the Rains Weep o'er his Hall

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I would LOVE to give George R.R. Martin a t-shirt. If anyone knows how to reach him, let me know!

Good news in the Wither World! If you’re at all familiar with both, you’ll recognize that “With the Band” is heavily influenced by Bloom County–I even blatantly ripped it off once. Well, Milo, Opus, Bill, and the Boys are back! Berkeley Breathed has published a brand new, “Bloom County 2015″ strip on Facebook! I could not BE more excited! So, request for a big solid: any of you who go and Follow the Bloom County FB page, start talking up “With the Band” and posting links! It would be awesome to get some BC fans–and, dare I hope, the Man himself?!

“Night gathers, and now Squirrel’s watch begins.”

If you like HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” but haven’t read the books, please, do so! The show is great, but the books are SO much better! And if you buy them (or anything else) from Amazon using the link below, you’ll help support our little comic here.

If you like the shirts Neil and Gregg are wearing (and selling), the Groupie Squirrel Store is open for business! Help support “With the Band” and buy a t-shirt here:

Groupie Squirrel Tees 4

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