Track #319: The Shadow Lost Beside Me

319 The Shadow Lost Beside Me

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Adam West couldn’t be a more delightful, gracious person! He seems to be quite conscious of his incredible good fortune, as well as his place in the scheme of things. And dammit, he IS the A-list of the D-list! (Sorry Kathy Griffin!)

We had a great time at Northeast Comic Con, and, as is usually the case at cons, we met some great people and saw some fantastic art and cosplay! In particular, we met the creators of a comic I’ve seen around (and have finally gotten to read!), “Harold the Happy Human Eater,” a delightful story about a zombie guidance counselor at a high school (his nemesis is a custodian named “Neil”!). It’s excellent, and you should absolutely throw them some love!

On a separate note, my little spambot security (the math question you have to answer to comment, and I have to answer to post) does a great job of keeping me out of my own site. It never works the first time I try to log on, and yet my Comment box fills with spam (some quite hilarious) every time I update the site. There’s no justice. Nerd-world problems.

If you’re a “Batman” fan, they finally released the entire series on Blu-Ray! Get it from Amazon using the link below and help support “With the Band!”

The Groupie Squirrel Store is open for business! Seriously, I have an amazing idea for a new shirt design, but I need to sell some more existing shirts before I get them made. If you like the Winter Is Coming shirt, buy one! I guarantee you’ll like the new one just as much, and probably more! Help support “With the Band” and buy a t-shirt here:

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