Track #317: In the Headlights of a Stretch Car You’re a Star

317 In the Headlights of a Stretch Car You're a Star

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That was exactly my reaction the first time I saw the Batmobile and Batcycle at a con.

We’re going to be at Northeast Comic Con in Wilmington, MA this weekend. So, come out, meet the artist (that’s me!), buy a t-shirt and save on shipping charges, and share squirrel stories! If you don’t want to come to see us, you should definitely come to see Adam West and the Batvehicles!

If you can’t make the con, the Groupie Squirrel Store is open for business! Seriously, I have an amazing idea for a new shirt design, but I need to sell some more existing shirts before I get them made. If you like the Winter Is Coming shirt, buy one! I guarantee you’ll like the new one just as much, and probably more! Help support “With the Band” and buy a t-shirt here:

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