Track #314: Because He Can’t Sleep Anymore

314 Because He can't Sleep Anymore

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I can’t tell you how many times I yawned making this strip. And again.

On a sadder note, RIP Christopher Lee. You were way cooler than anyone has any right to be. Thanks for Dracula, and Saruman the White, and for fighting the Nazis like the badass motherfucker you were. I forgive you for Count Dooku. Even the best can only do so much with a terrible script. May you rejoin the Istari in the embrace of the Valar.

Contest time: I would love for one of my strips to get picked up and Shared by George Takei’s Facebook page. So, a Groupie Squirrel t-shirt to anyone who can make that happen! You pick the strip (today’s might be good, and track #307 as well), just make sure that a link to the website goes with it.

The Groupie Squirrel Store is open for business! Seriously, I have an amazing idea for a new shirt design, but I need to sell some more existing shirts before I get them made. If you like the Winter Is Coming shirt, buy one! I guarantee you’ll like the new one just as much, and probably more! Help support “With the Band” and buy a t-shirt here:

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