Track #303: Stuck in My Head Like a Terrible Song

Gartenstadt 303 Stuck in My Head Like a Terrible Song

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UPDATE: The color version is now up! Sorry. You can see that for yourself, can’t you. Well, as an added bonus, there’s an extra gag in the strip: Greymalkin’s text, with the exception of the last panel,

No, you aren’t having a visual migraine, today’s track is in black and white. Mostly.

So, last night, while I was finishing this strip, I accidentally kicked the corner of the island in my kitchen and broke and/or dislocated my little toe. Tina popped it back into place (it made a lovely sound, I can tell you), but it still hurt like a mo, and I had to ice and elevate it, making it impossible to work on my computer for several hours. I took a Percocet I had for back pain (two surgeries and a lot of PT), which did a world of good. However, because I haven’t taken a whole Perc in over a year (I take halves on bad back days), it hit me pretty hard, so when I tried to finish the strip, I ended up accidentally crashing my computer and losing several hours of work.

So. Black and white strip. It’ll be up in color later today, although I think it looks kind of cool in black and white.

The Shins are currently my favorite band. James Mercer’s melodies are original and gorgeous, and his lyrics make Michael Stipe seem pedantic, which can make it a challenge to figure out what he’s saying. After I got (mostly) over my Alanis Morissette curse, I started getting Shins songs in my head, only with even less accuracy than Neil does here. You may or may not be familiar with The Shins. If you saw the Zach Braff movie Garden State, “New Slang” (the song in Neil’s head) is the song Natalie Portman said would “change your life.” Embedded below is the video for “New Slang” (as well as the scene from Garden State). I recommend playing it while you read the strip. Neil’s mistakes are slightly more amusing that way (oddly enough, “the dirt in your fries” is one of the only lyrics he gets correct).

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