Track #299: Hey Satan, Payin’ my Dues

how to buy prednisone for dogs 299 Hey Satan, Payin' My Dues

New to “With the Band?” Go to the beginning of the current story arc here, use the handy guitars at the bottom of the page to navigate to previous tracks, or go directly to the Marshall Stack Archive! We update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Sam and Dean the ferrets meet Ratatoskr the Groupie Squirrel seem thick as thieves! Please check out Sam and Dean’s human companion Arden Barlow’s fantastic work here!

I like the series “Supernatural”, but it seems like one or the other of the Winchester Boys dies at the end of each season–sometimes both! Admittedly I’ve only watched through Season 5, so you can purchase Seasons 1-8 on Blu-Ray using the link below to find out if that’s really true, and, if so, if the trend continues in Seasons 6-8! And remember, if you buy this or any other item from Amazon during the 24 hours after you click the link, “With the Band” gets a tiny kickback, which helps pay for web-hosting, pencils, and beer!

And in case you don’t already know, Dean’s shotgun fires shells filled with rock salt instead of buckshot, which demons and ghosts find particularly distressing (although I imagine I wouldn’t like being shot with that stuff either).

Be sure to check back on Monday–it’s track #300, and as with previous such milestones, this one’s a special one. Could #300 herald a new character to the “With the Band” family? Maaaaybe.

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