Track #293: A Way to Calm the Angry Voice

293 A Way to Calm the Angry Voice

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Happy Birthday to my wonderful, amazing, brilliant daughter, Teddi. You’re the joy of my life, R.B.!

Additional note: serendipitously, a Facebook Friend of mine (Jolly Blackburn, creator of the amazing “Knights of the Diner Table”) posted this article to his Timeline today.

I like Alanis Morissette. I do. Jagged Little Pill is a great album, and she’s done some solid work since. But for some reason, for the last month or two, her songs have been popping unbidden into my head, and they won’t. Go. Away! I like her music, but I’m pretty sick of it by now. I’ve been screaming “Shut the fuck UP!” at my brain a lot lately, so I decided to share.

That said, if you haven’t seen/heard her cover of “My Humps” (a song the Black Eyed Peas totally stole from me, but that’s a story for another track), you should. It’s pretty impressive (and conveniently linked for you here)!

Don’t want no drama indeed.

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on “Track #293: A Way to Calm the Angry Voice
One Comment on “Track #293: A Way to Calm the Angry Voice

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