Track #291: Remember if you Kill him then you’ll Be Unemployed

buy Pregabalin usa 291 Remember if You Kill him then You'll Be Unemployed

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As I’ve noted before, the only thing I ask of Star Wars VII is for Leia to finally get a lightsaber. The latest trailer suggests I may get my wish.

On another note, X asked me to wish you all a Happy Holiday.

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on “Track #291: Remember if you Kill him then you’ll Be Unemployed
4 Comments on “Track #291: Remember if you Kill him then you’ll Be Unemployed
  1. Not to bust any bubbles – but we don’t see the face of who takes that lightsaber. My money is on the character ‘Rey’ (who I’m guessing is Han & Leia’s daughter after they got BIZZAY!)(sorry – Incredibles moment).

    What’s very interesting to me is how much of this movie seems to be taking place on Tatooine – AND – the amount of wreckage we see as background. The grounded Star Destroyer being the first, and the Super Duper Star Destroyer whose tailpipe we see the MF flying into followed by that PIE fighter (shout out to Darth’s and Droids!).

    AND! Speaking of Darth’s & Droids perhaps best of all that wonderful webstrip will be continued (thought they have a long way to go)!

  2. Seriously, though, if that isn’t Leia then they outright lied to us (which could NEVER happen!). I trust that it is Carrie Fisher receiving her father’s lightsaber, but even if it is, that’s no guarantee that she actually keeps it, much less uses it, in the film. I still have hope, however, and of course Neil is convinced that it’s absolutely true!

    And not to burst your bubble, but that isn’t Tatooine–it’s a different desert planet named Jakku!

    For those who don’t know “Darths & Droids,” it’s an amazing screen capture webcomic which retells the original trilogy (they are on the last scenes of Empire Strikes Back right now) as if it were being played as a table-top role-playing game. It’s one of the most consistently funny webcomics I read, and you should all check it out:

    And my understanding is that they intend to pick up with Ep VII after they finish Jedi!

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