Track #284: To Catch them Is my Real Test

284 To Catch Them Is my Real Test

Rob’s back!

This is a totally true story. I was the last teacher to sign Chris and Clint’s field trip forms, and apparently I was the only teacher to actually read the form and see where they were going. I learned recently that they also conned their journalism teacher into giving them extra credit for the their fraud. While Jillian wasn’t part of it (she’s several years younger than Chris and Clint), her steampunk cosplay at PAXEast was way too cool for me NOT to try to draw it. You can check out some of her cosplay creations, including this one, which I in no way did justice, at her Mystic Keyes Facebook site.

I miss teaching.

Monday we’ll both be getting back to Neil as well as a another god. In the meantime, any of you Withers going to Boston Anime Con this weekend, have a blast!

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