Track #278: Vulpologists Say You Can Bugger the Fox

278 Vulpologists Say You Can Bugger the Fox

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As I noted before, last week English literature lost one of its modern greats when Sir Terry Pratchett died at the tragically young age of 66. As I’ve been drowning in my own phlegm this week, I was compelled to write this and the next couple of tracks as an humble homage to a comedic genius. Josh is right. Discworld, which is a flat planet that rests on the backs of four elephants who, in turn, stand on the back of the Great A’Tuin, the World Turtle, is WAY cooler than our humble planet. If you haven’t read any of Sir Terry’s work, get to it! Personally, I recommend starting with The Wee Free Men, but really, they’re all great.

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on “Track #278: Vulpologists Say You Can Bugger the Fox
2 Comments on “Track #278: Vulpologists Say You Can Bugger the Fox
  1. Thanks Neal!

    I recommend starting with Guards! Guards! personally – great way to meet the finest worst city in the multi-verse!



    “A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.”

  2. “Guards! Guards!” was the first I read after the Tiffany Aching series (which started with “Wee Free Men”), and yes, it’s a great place to start. Thanks for encouraging me to read them, Chris!

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