Track #276: No More Mr. Passive Resistance

276 No More Mr Passive Resistance

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To be clear, I’m no apologist for ISIS and its ilk, or even for more moderate Islam, for that matter. There is plenty of batshit in Islam, as in all religions, and plenty even in the mainstream of Islam to be cause for alarm. That said, it’s bullshit when Christians condemn Islam for violence when the history–even the recent history–of Christianity is incredibly violent as well–plenty of guano in Christianity too. While I am an atheist, there are a few Christians I respect, because I think they genuinely try to live Christ-like lives, but I have no respect at all for so-called Christians who own guns and support the death penalty. There is no gray area there: the Jesus of the New Testament is a radical pacifist, and he explicitly condemns violence and the tools of violence, especially among his followers.

Also, no disrespect to Gandhi. He’s absolutely a personal hero, even though he certainly had his flaws. Still, even he would have thought Jesus was a bit too radical in the whole violence/pacifism metric. I just find the idea Gandhi dropping f-bombs and quoting hackneyed distortions of “turn the other cheek” amusing.

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