Track #275: Life is Short, Art is Long

275 Life is Short Art is Long

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My apologies to everyone (all thirteen of you!) who went to the site and didn’t find a new strip earlier today. I was–and am–still recovering from PAXEast, which was cash fun but also exhausting (11-12 hours each day, playing great games with great people, yes, but also mostly standing, and on concrete floors). I hope this track was worth the wait.

I’m intimately familiar with the Bible and Christianity, but not so much so with Islam. As such, I’ve been somewhat surprised by some of the things I’ve found. For instance, in the Islamic version of the Ten Commandments, the first Commandment is, as Mo says, “Join not anything with Him,” “Him being God/Allah. This is a version of “Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain” that makes way more sense than the accepted Christian interpretation. Moreover, the clear interpretation of this is that it’s a sin to attach the name of God to any acts, let alone acts of terrorism. It’s funny how fundamentalists of whatever religion always seem to ignore the parts of their religion that don’t fit with their own (in the case of ISIS, nihilistic) world views.

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