Track #262: I’d Walk into your Skin

262 I'd Walk into Your Skin

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I know, I know, I broke one of the major rules of cartooning: my speech balloons obscure one of my characters. Sorry Muhammad!

If there’s anyone with whom Biblical Christ should be able to identify and sympathize, it’s transgender men and women. If you believe the story, he too was born into a body not his own, and was truly something other than what his mortal shell contained.

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on “Track #262: I’d Walk into your Skin
2 Comments on “Track #262: I’d Walk into your Skin
  1. so… I’m sure you had nothing but the best of intentions here, but this is just plain uncomfortable to read.

    is being compared to Jesus a compliment? not really. I’m human, not a damn special snowflake or saint or fragment of divine power. it’s weird to put us on a pedestal like that, to call us ‘more enlightened’ because we learned some uncomfortable truths about who we are. is it still normal to say ‘I love the blacks! the blacks are my favorite people!’? no. it’s not.

    my use of outdated and offensive slang up there was deliberate; your use of the term ‘the transgendered’ is incorrect. you could have used ‘people who are trans*/transgender’, and been a lot less offensive. your use of outdated terms shows a lack of research into a topic that is very sensitive. kind of ironic for a teacher to neglect research, isn’t it? here’s an article on the subject, which I hope will more coherently explain why the term upsets me.

    using ‘trans*’, asterisk intentional, is a good umbrella term for anyone who fits the spectrum of non-cisgender identities. it’s well accepted in the LGBT+ community. ‘transgender’ is also a good term, because it’s the one in most common use outside the internet. after all, when you speak, no one can hear the asterisk.

    your attempt at support is appreciated, but executed so clumsily that it feels more like a stealth insult than anything. especially with Muhammad’s punchline at the end. I hope you don’t read this as a personal attack- I do appreciate that you at least tried to handle the subject. I just want to make sure that you’re aware of how it came across, so you can learn from this and put that knowledge into practice in the future.

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