Track #256: I Don’t Need Your Reasons

256 I Don't Need Your Reasons

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I will concede that Joshua of Nazareth probably would have been opposed to abortion. That said, there is nothing in the New Testament about abortion, so it apparently wasn’t a big enough deal to merit comment (though the same can’t be said about the Old Testament–tune back in on Monday!). But other than abortion, there is almost nothing in the Republican Party platform that is consistent with the New Testament, and lots that is directly in contradiction with the same, not the least of which is Christ’s directive that people “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” In other words, pay your taxes! Not really a Republican talking point.

According to the New Testament, Joshua of Nazareth spoke frequently and emphatically about taking care of the sick and the poor, yet Republicans actively work against such things, at least through government. By contrast, Christ said not one word about homosexuality, and yet somehow that’s a primary cause celebre of the Christian Right.

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