Track #255: His Arm’s a Little Bit Longer than Me

buy ivermectin 6 mg 255 His Arm's a Little Bit Longer than Me

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“Spare the rod, spoil the child” was a popular Biblical quote when and where I grew up (the American South in the 70s and 80s). It is possibly the most grossly misunderstood verse in the Bible, Old Testament or New. To the Bronze Age Israelites, a “rod” was a long staff with a hook on the end–think Little Bo Peep and you have the right visual. Sheep are pretty stupid (and have absolutely no respect for personal space, according to my friend Sara), and have a tendency to wander off, sometimes to even walk off cliffs. So a shepherd would hook his rod around a sheep’s neck, then steer the sheep back into line. In other words, guide the sheep, not beat it. The metaphor is absolutely clear to anyone with even a basic understand of . . . well, anything, really.

In Justin Bieber’s case? Perhaps even Jesus would have made an exception.

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