Track #253: ‘Cause Sunbeams Are not Made like Me

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It seems pretty obvious now, but it wasn’t until I read Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore that it occurred to me how odd that is. It would be as if Mormons referred to Joseph Smith as “Bob,” or Buddhists called the Buddha “Terry.” (Okay, those are really weak analogies, but amusing nonetheless.) It is unlikely that any of Joshua ben Joseph’s contemporaries other than Pilate or Roman soldiers would have referred to him as “Jesus,” and they sentenced him to death and stabbed his corpse with a spear, respectively. That ranks right up there with Catholics wearing crucifixes. Why all the reminders of the poor guy’s absolute worst days ever? Seems sort of disrespectful to me.

If you haven’t read Lamb you really, really should. It is hand’s down my favorite novel. I was raised Christian, so I know the story of Jesus forwards and backwards. Also, I’m now an atheist. Nevertheless, each of the three times I’ve read it, I bawled my eyes out when Josh (whom foolish Christians call “Jesus”) dies in the end. It’s not like I didn’t know what was going to happen, and it’s not like I believe the guy still exists in some afterlife, and yet I’m still deeply affected by his death every time. The book is that good.

Lamb also answers some timeless questions about the life of Christ, such as what does the “H” stand for in “Jesus H. Christ” (I’ll give you a hint: it’s an old family name), and why are bunnies associated with Easter (it involves alcohol). Fair warning to the faithful, though. While the novel in no way questions Josh’s divinity–quite the opposite, in fact–and while Josh is sinless, to a certain point of view, he does say “fuck” a lot. To quite hilarious effect, I may add.

Grab a copy through this link and I’ll get I teensy tiny kickback from Amazon, which will make me happy and keep me making “With the Band.” Cheers in advance!

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on “Track #253: ‘Cause Sunbeams Are not Made like Me
4 Comments on “Track #253: ‘Cause Sunbeams Are not Made like Me
  1. Thanks for the reminder. Ive had a library hold request on that book for MONTHS. Thats pretty rare for me to have to wait that long (usually the book is here in a day or so). I just bought it from your link. Looking forward to it!

  2. Alright – it took me a couple days but I finely noticed the liquid conversion going on here… Well done sir. Well done.

    Makes me think Josh should have gone into the tavern business!

  3. It’s closer to Buddhists referring to him as “Sid”.

    Of course, I’ve also always found it weird that Christians refuse to refer to their god by name. I mean, his name is right there in the Bible. Yahweh. Why don’t they use it? I can’t think of any other religion that simply calls their god “God”. It seems unimaginative at best.

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