Track #240: It Seemed that Life Was so Wonderful

240 It Seemed that Life was so Wonderful

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This was me for me most of my childhood and young adulthood. I was constantly and sincerely trying to plug the logical holes in the leaky ship that was my religion, but after a certain point you have to realize that some ships simply aren’t sea-worthy.

My preachers and religious teachers were no more helpful to me in that endeavor than Jesse’s are.

Had a great time at North East Comic Con this weekend. Met a lot of great fans, other artists, and a couple of famous people. Mike Tee Vee from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory liked my t-shirts! If you are new to this strip because of a card or shirt you picked up, welcome! And don’t worry, it really is relatively rare that we talk about religion in this strip (and we’ll move on very soon)!

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on “Track #240: It Seemed that Life Was so Wonderful
4 Comments on “Track #240: It Seemed that Life Was so Wonderful
  1. I noticed the bald spot when he went for the hair cut. I thought it was a nice touch.

    The simplest solution for overcoming all the inconsistencies in the stories of Genesis is to quit treating them like a historical account. They are mythology. They are fictional tales that are intended to teach lessons. And, like any fictional tales, they have plot holes and continuity issues. Particularly when collected from oral traditions and then translated a couple of times.

    Now the inconsistencies in the moral lessons? That’s a different ball of fish.

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