Track #232: Like a Worn-out Recording

buy Lyrica online australia 232 Like a Worn Out Recording

I hate that song. Fucking hate it. As in, if it came on the radio while I was in the shower on a cold, New Hampshire winter’s day, with no heat in the house, I would still walk across the house to turn it the fuck off! The worst thing is, it’s so damned catchy that it’d still be stuck in my head for hours, no matter how much I hate it. It was stuck in my head all day as I was writing this strip.

That said, Guardians of the Galaxy is worth it anyway!

Speaking of, Guardians comes out on December 9th. If you pre-order it from Amazon using the link below, you’ll not only get a great movie, you’ll help support “With the Band,” as I’ll get a tiny kickback from your purchases, at no additional cost to you! Win-win! (Actually, if you use the link below to go to Amazon, anything you buy will earn me a few shekels, so if you do any Christmas shopping at Amazon, please, please, please do me a solid and go there through here!)

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on “Track #232: Like a Worn-out Recording
One Comment on “Track #232: Like a Worn-out Recording

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