Track #230: I Like It, I’m not Gonna Crack

order clomid online reviews 230 I Like It, I'm not Gonna Crack

Thus concludes the current story arc, “Time to Par-Tea.” I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Tune in next week for a one-shot or three, and maybe the beginning of a new story!

If you’re just joining us here at “With the Band,” you can go to the beginning of “Time to Par-Tea” here, or use the Navigation Guitars below to start at the very beginning, back before WtB arrived in the technicolor Land of Oz! We update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

The blips to which Neil is referring can be seen here and here. Tip Jar
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on “Track #230: I Like It, I’m not Gonna Crack
One Comment on “Track #230: I Like It, I’m not Gonna Crack

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