Track #229: Super Educated I’m Smarter than Spock

229 Super Educated, I'm Smarter than Spock

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If you aren’t familiar with the Mirror Universe of Star Trek, you can watch the original episode here. Of course, if you were at all inclined to watch it, you probably are already familiar, so . . .

Mirror Universe/Goatee Spock is hot.

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on “Track #229: Super Educated I’m Smarter than Spock
2 Comments on “Track #229: Super Educated I’m Smarter than Spock
  1. Every male crewman in the Mirror Universe (hereafter known as the MU or μ) should hvae sported goatees. Yes t would have lessened the impact of Spock’s facal hair statement, but just imagining the rest of the primary cast with goatees is kind of fun.



    Sulu would have rocked a goat! (and boy does that sound dirty)

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