Track #223: Every Time I Look at You I Don’t Understand

223 Every Time I Look at You I don't Understand

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*Sigh* If only it were that easy . . .

We just got back from the very first Vermont Comic Con! We sat, schmoozed, sold a few shirts, and barely slept in a seedy little motel. In the process, we met and befriended another new webcomic artist and his wife, Kevin and Michelle. Kevin creates a great strip called “Hurry Up Please It’s Time,” which is, I admit, a bit wordy for a title, but it’s an allusion to T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land,” so it rocks in my book! It’s sort of a pro-environmental “Far Side,” and some of the strips are absolutely brilliant, such as this one, this one, and this one! (His strip is good, but I have better squirrels!)

The current story arc, “Time to Par-Tea,” is coming to an end. I originally planned to conclude it by Election Day, but clearly I’m going to blow right through that deadline, so I want to take this moment to remind everyone to vote next Tuesday! It’s the only democracy we’ve got people! Let’s not neglect it!

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on “Track #223: Every Time I Look at You I Don’t Understand
2 Comments on “Track #223: Every Time I Look at You I Don’t Understand
  1. And… I’d STILL vote for Sauron over Brownsie.

    On a different note – my daughter (three days into her brand new driver’s license) went up to Burlington and was at the Vermont Comicon! Small world…

    She had no idea that you were there, but chances are good she walked right past you.

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