Track #207: If You Get in with the Right Bunch of Fellows 207 If You Get in with the Right Bunch of Fellows

New to “With the Band?” Go to the beginning of the current story arc, “Time to Par-Tea,” here, or use the Navigation Guitars below to start at the very beginning, back before WtB arrived in the technicolor Land of Oz! We update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

To see why the band is so disconcerted to run into Dr. Vandemar, read her saga, “I, Pledge,” starting here.

The new t-shirt designs are now officially available in the Groupie Squirrel Store. Alas, at this point we’re still on an honor system: you send me the money via PayPal and I’ll send you a shirt or shirts via snail mail, but we hope to have a proper store with proper secured payments very soon, so keep watching this space! Here are the new shirt designs:

Squirrelverine T

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