Track #205: Let Him Impress Daddy that Way

205 Let Him Impress Daddy that Way

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We had a fantastic time at Granite State Comic Con last weekend: we met tons of great people, saw some amazing cosplay, and rubbed elbows with some incredible fellow artists and artisans! We also gave away a ton of cards and even sold a few shirts, so if you’re newly arrived to “With the Band” via the website on one of the same, welcome! Please leave a comment below (I apologize in advance for the math) so we know you’ve been here, and I hope you come back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to come!

The new t-shirt designs are now officially available in the Groupie Squirrel Store. Alas, at this point we’re still on an honor system: you send me the money via PayPal and I’ll send you a shirt or shirts via snail mail, but we hope to have a proper store with proper secured payments very soon, so keep watching this space! Here are the new shirt designs:

Squirrelverine T

Winter is Coming Icon 512

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One Comment

on “Track #205: Let Him Impress Daddy that Way
One Comment on “Track #205: Let Him Impress Daddy that Way
  1. And safety rules! Screw that OSHA shit – if I get horribly mutilated in an industrial accident that could have been prevented with a modicum mandatory precautions its cos I WANT to be horribly mutilated in an industrial accident!

    And there are WAAAAY to many paved roads!


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