Track #196: One Man Caught on a Barbed Wire Fence

196 One Man Caught on a Barbed Wire Fence

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As you can see here, Jedi Master Squirrel has a new Padawan apprentice. His name is Ayden, and, well . . . I’ll cut and paste a message from my friend Dan Gore to explain.

Jedi Padawan

“This is Ayden. He’s one of the coolest kids you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. He’s smart, funny and incredibly tough. Most of all, he’s compassionate for people’s insignificant problems while he deals with what we all would consider a nightmare. This kid is my hero, no kidding. He has an inoperable brain tumor. I hesitate to call it terminal, but the medical evaluation doesn’t look promising right now. He recently turned 13 in the ICU while having his lungs drained due to an aggressive pneumonia. He’s recovering from that, but still has a difficult battle in front of him. His medical bills are obviously insane, and while some kind donations have helped alleviate that burden to some extent, I would like to help Ayden enjoy himself and realize some of his dreams. He wants to attend space camp, and he’s very excited about going to the Harry Potter exhibit at universal studios. I will be selling some items to help fund these things, but he also has a paypal account set up if any of my friends are so kind, PLEASE donate anything you can afford- even a few dollars adds up so quickly. I estimate he needs around $10,000 to fund all the various things we want to do for him during the time we have left with him. If you would like to send anything at all- please do. Paypal “”. If you would like more information on his condition please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with links. It is my mission to allow this kid to do anything he could possibly want before he is too sick to do those things.

“Here’s a picture of Ayden at the proton therapy center in Indiana. As you can see, he’s awesome.. And ready for this fight. Do what you can, I know times are tough, and I totally understand if you can do nothing, times are hard for everyone. If not, please keep Ayden in your thoughts. Feel free to share this link if you are so inclined. Thanks for everything. I love all you guys.”

I know none of you know who this kid is–I haven’t met him either–but in my book, any kid who goes to proton therapy (a form of radiation therapy for shrinking tumors) in a Jedi robe complete with lightsaber (and a purple at that!) is awesome, and deserves everything he can get out of life. If you have the means, please donate to his “Wishlist” fund by sending money to through PayPal. If you want to dump a bucket of ice water over your head in the process, do feel free.

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