Track #190: You’ve Got a Brand of Magic Never Fails

190 You've Got a Brand of Magic Never Fails

The loss of Robin Williams is one that has left the world a little bit diminished, especially because of the tragic senselessness of it. Which is kind of the point. Depression is senseless, irrational. Robin Williams’ films alone grossed over $5 billion. He had a hugely successful sitcom. His stand-up comedy was without equal. He was nominated for several Oscars for his dramatic acting, and won one. He was one of the most broadly talented people the world has ever known, a huge success at everything he did. Even so, he was depressed, and apparently depressed enough to take his own life. Depression is sometimes circumstantial, but is often chemical, biological. It’s time we got past the idiotic stigmas we assign to mental illness and started treating depression the way we treat diabetes.

If you are depressed, and especially if you’re having suicidal thoughts, talk to someone. If no one is readily available, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

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on “Track #190: You’ve Got a Brand of Magic Never Fails
One Comment on “Track #190: You’ve Got a Brand of Magic Never Fails
  1. Of course, as I’ve seen in a great Tumblr post that’s making the rounds, if someone succumbed to diabetes after 30+ years we’d use words like “hero” and “inspiration”. But because it was depression, we use words like “victim” and wonder why he didn’t do more. Do more than quit drugs, go to therapy, get properly medicated, work on repairing his relationships, and building a support network. But he still, apparently, should have done *more*.

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