Track #181: And He Was Looking for You Know Who

181 And He Was Looking for You Know Who

There’s no recording of this one, and frankly, there probably never will be.

New to “With the Band?” Go to the beginning of the current story arc here, or go to the very beginning (a very nice place to start) using the Navigation Guitars below!

Since our first T-shirt Contest was such a roaring success (and by success I mean it didn’t cost me a single t-shirt because no one even attempted to win!), here’s our second: the first person to correctly identify that to which Neil is referring in Panel 4 (“Jeff? Bobby? Davids and Steves?”), and provide said answer in the Comments section (after solving some math!), will receive a Groupie Squirrel T-Shirt (specifically, the “Groupie Squirrel” Groupie Squirrel T-Shirt)!

Aw, who am I kidding? This one’s really obscure. Monday’s were gimmes compared to today’s . . .

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