Track #180: Or Is it that We’re not Punk Enough 180 Or Is it that We're not Punk Enough

It’s “With the Band” Contest time!!! The first two people who can guess 1) the original inspiration for “Me & Pippi Longstocking” (and no, Pippi Longstocking is not the answer–it’s slightly more subtle than that!), and 2) the allusion in the second verse of the aforementioned song (you’ll have to listen to the recording at MySpace for this one, linked here and below), and provide the answer(s) in the Comments, will each receive a Groupie Squirrel t-shirt! (If I’ve told you the answer to either of these, then you don’t qualify! Sheesh! Cheat much?)

Having an ex show up at a gig with his/her new is SO the worst.

New to “With the Band?” Go to the beginning of the current story arc here, or use the guitars below to navigate the tracks!

You can hear an older recording (with slightly more dated lyrics) of “Me & Pippi Longstocking” here!

Today’s cameos are brought to you by:

Returning to our cameo stage: “Bloom County“, “Doonesbury“, and “Modest Medusa” (this time with Modest herself!)
Plus: “Zombie Roomie” and, well, The Lord of the Rings. Duh.

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