Track #178: I’ve Been Alive Forever

178 I've Been Alive Forever

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It seems Ed and the boys have finally found their audience. Bloom County and Doonesbury are probably the biggest influences on not only my comic style, but my sense of humor in general, and it’s a tremendous honor to be able to pay them homage in my own little strip (I already did one tribute to Doonesbury here). As a bonus, here’s the strip that first suggested the idea of Mark Slackmeyer and Steve Dallas being a couple. I would also like to take a moment to thank Jake Richmond, creator of Modest Medusa. Not only is his strip funny and adorable, but Jake has been extremely generous with his time, answering all my questions, no matter how inane, and helping me get WtB out to a wider audience. Definitely check his strip out–he’s got some of the most original characters I’ve ever seen in a comic, and he spins a great yarn.

If you don’t recognize all the cameos here, they come from the following comic strips, in no particular order:

Bloom County
Modest Medusa
Penny Arcade
Get Fuzzy

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