Track #175: They’re Always Alone Even with Someone they Love

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I miss my black silk shirt. I miss the body my black silk shirt fit more . . .

If you look closely at the green room wall, you can see the stickers left by some of the bands that have played the Rocky Shore before Edina and the Boys. They include, in no particular order:

East is East and Heads & Tales, two New Hampshire bands featuring some of my former students.

The Diamond Light, another of my former students’ bands, but based out of Los Angeles.

The Farewell Drugs, a New Hampshire acoustic duo consisting of the sublime Courtney Brocks and her husband, Jesse Dold.

The Revolution Machine, my cousin David Biles’ Nashville-based hard rock band.

The best unsigned band in America, the now tragically defunct Seeking Homer.

And finally New Hampshire’s Ed for a Day. Their lead singer is only marginally better than Neil, but they’re pretty desperate for the exposure, so here’s a shout-out anyway (and yes, that really is a MySpace page–I know, I didn’t know they still existed either!). Tip Jar
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