Track #163: I’ve Got My Spine, I’ve Got My Orange Crush

163 I've Got My Spine

It really is quite remarkable the level of hypocrisy in the Right Wing right now about this Bowe Bergdahl situation. Republicans who were condemning the president literally months ago for not negotiating Bergdahl’s release are now attacking him, not only for the price of the negotiations (the release of five Taliban who are technically prisoners of war, not convicted terrorists), but, in way too many cases, for freeing Bergdahl himself.

It’s certainly not a simple situation, especially where Bergdahl is concerned, but imagine what would be happening now if the President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry had come out and said that they had ceased negotiations for an American P.O.W.’s release because one imperfect American soldier’s life just isn’t worth the lives of five Afghans. No doubt the Republicans would be rallying behind their president for his bold, courageous stand.

On a lighter note, the good folks at Steve Jackson Games, makers of GURPS and Munchkin, among other great games, are having a photobombing contest. Click the link if you want more details, but the short version is you Photoshop the Munchkin mascots, Spyke and Flower, into celebrity photos, and make a caption if you choose. With that in mind, here’s my first offering:

Mount Rushmore

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