on “Track #162: We’ll Watch the World Go By
9 Comments on “Track #162: We’ll Watch the World Go By
  1. Well lets see..

    There’s Gazerbeam Squirrel
    Weather Squirrel
    Metal Skin Squirrel
    Bamf Squirrel
    And Super-Overly-Commercialized-Squirrel-with-Sharp-Claws Squirrel

    Am I close?

  2. To clarify: while it’s fun to subtly mock my lack of artistic skills by trying to figure out which X-Men I’m spoofing here (and feel free to do so!), I was actually asking for ideas for the Squirrel names of said S-Men (a la “Squirrelverine,” or “Squorm”). Some of the them work well, but others . . . have proven more difficult (“Cysquirrel?” Lame.)

  3. Although I do concede there might be marketing issues with them names. Still – that ought to keep the pack horde of ravening Marvel lawyers off your back.

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