Track #158: The Chills that You Spill up my Back

158 The Chills that You Spill up my Back

This is a one-shot gag that came to me a couple weeks ago. I needed some filler to keep my timeline accurate, so I figured this would be a good one.

On a side note, today’s my birthday! If I could have one birthday present from my Withers is that you all aggressively promote With the Band on your social media. I’m extremely proud of the quality of my work (well, mostly!), but it doesn’t matter how good it is if people don’t actually see it. So, I think today’s strip would be a good one to Share to all your Friends, Twits (that’s what Twitter followers are called, right?), whatever anyone who uses Google+ is (“Non-existers?”), etc. So, please please please get the word out and see if we can reach a tipping point and build up our audience!


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