Track #143: Slowly I Become One with the Mud

143 Slowly I become One with the Mud

This passage absolutely cracks me up. After going to all of that trouble to same all those animals, the first thing God makes Noah do is sacrifice a bunch of them! If I’d been cooped up on that tiny ark for a thousand days, only to come out to a knife, a torch, and a sacrificial altar, I’d be pissed too!

After drawing this strip, which took me DAYS–longer than the last three strips combined!–I’m more convinced than ever that the entire conceit of this story is absurd. It was murder drawing all of about 25 different animals in this strip; there’s no way a tub 450 feet long held the conservatively estimated 140,000 pairs that would have been necessary to save every kind of creature that crawls on the ground and every bird!

I will say this for Noah the movie, though: judging by the pictures, there was some damn-fine costuming going on there! The clothes look way more realistic and practical than the usual runway of robes used in these stories, and yet still believable for a Bronze Age civilization.

Note another homage to Bill Cosby, this time in the form of the ditty the goat sings in Panel 3, sung to the tune of the song in Cosby’s “Chocolate Cake” routine. There’s also an homage to Jumanji in this strip, but I’ll leave you all to find that one yourselves.

So ends my little excursion into the realm of the Old Testament. I’ve really enjoyed creating these strips, so much so that I could imagine doing a parallel series retelling the Bible in comic form (you know, with all my copious spare time!). Let me know what you think?

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