Track #138: Heifer Whines Could Be Human Cries

138 Heifer Whines Could Be Human Cries

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Just to be clear, in case anyone was concerned, I don’t believe I’m mocking the Bible, and I’m certainly not mocking Christians, Jews, and/or Muslims who believe in the Bible, Torah, and/or Koran (or at least not ALL such religious people). What I AM satirizing (okay, mocking as well!) are fundamentalists who believe every word of their holy books to be infallible, unquestionable, and the inspired word of their god, to be read literally. At the same time they have a strong tendency to ignore literal interpretations that are inconsistent with or inconvenient to their worldviews. Case in point: early Genesis clearly points to veganism as a righteous ideal (though, admittedly, it contradicts that later–but contradiction is its own problem in the Bible, etc.), yet there aren’t a lot of vegetarian or vegan Christians, Jews, or Muslims (the 7th Day Adventists being a small, but notable, exception). Moreover, the way the Christian Right in particular goes crazy when a movie like Noah comes along and supposedly contradicts the scriptures, when, in many cases, or in many particulars, it doesn’t.

Meh, whatever. Arguing with such people is pointless, but, as I discovered after I decided to write a one strip satire of the supposed Noah controversy, there’s a LOT of material to satirize, even in such a small sample of chapters from Genesis. I just finished drawing the sixth in this series, and plan to draw at least one more. Hopefully, you can chuckle along with me, regardless of your faith, or lack thereof.

On a separate note, I know I’m not supposed to laugh at my own jokes (although if I didn’t find this strip funny, I wouldn’t put as much work into it as I do), but I find it hilarious that Neil wears a lightsaber with his Jedi bathrobe. Neil does that. I don’t. Neil is not me. Really.

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