Track #131: Let Me Tell You ‘Bout Hard Work

131 Let Me Tell You 'bout Hard Work

Two things of note here: first, this is the debut appearance of Pleiades the Wonder Kitty in the strip. Pleia was the best cat I ever had, and he is dearly missed. Second, this is the debut appearance of my “Spamalot” boxer shorts in the strip. They were the best boxers I ever had, and they are dearly missed. Okay, not really. I still have the boxers. I’m wearing them now. And nothing else. Excelsior!

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Update! Danielle Corsetto, creator of the AWESOME “Girls with Slingshots,” is going on a cross-country con tour this summer, and wants to pay (yes, PAY!) guest artists to do a week’s worth of strips each to cover her travel time! She’s already got a short-list, but she’s solicited suggestions for others from her readers. So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, take a minute and go to “Girls with Slingshots” (which is like “With the Band,” but with less Nerd and WAY more SEX!), go to the Comments section, and recommend me and “With the Band”! The exposure to Danielle and her fanbase would be more than worth it, but did I mention she’s going to PAY!?

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on “Track #131: Let Me Tell You ‘Bout Hard Work
One Comment on “Track #131: Let Me Tell You ‘Bout Hard Work

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