Track #129: One Last Call for Alcohol

129 One Last Call for Alcohol

My first experience with whiskey was not dissimilar to this . . .

I want to give a shout-out to Jake Richmond, comic ecdysiast of the marvelous “Modest Medusa!” I’ve supported several webcomics I enjoy, by buying product from them, or supporting their Kickstarter projects, but Jake is the first to actually contact me about “With the Band” (and to say something nice about it to boot! I quote: “Your comic looks cool. The two strips I’ve read so far were good.”).

So if you aren’t familiar with MM, go check it out! Richmond’s premise is the most original since “Calvin & Hobbes,” and his artwork puts mine to shame!

Speaking of Kickstarter, there could be an announcement coming here soon . . .!

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on “Track #129: One Last Call for Alcohol
One Comment on “Track #129: One Last Call for Alcohol

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