Track #125: He Don’t Play by Rules

125 He Don't Play by Rules

It’s been said that if you have to explain a joke, then the joke doesn’t work. However, I think this gag is hilarious, but no doubt many will require an explanation to get it, as it requires knowledge of several different–and often obscure–persons, products, and events.

First you have to know who Elijah Cummings and Darrell Issa are. I figure most of my readers have this covered.

Second, you have to know what happened between them last week. As it made the national news cycle for a day or two, again, I’m guessing most of you are still with me. For any who are not, you can see the footage here.

Third, you have to know that Darrell Issa made his fortune (he’s one of the richest, if not THE richest, members of the House of Representatives) largely from a car alarm system popular in the ’90s called “Viper.”

Fourth–and this is the one that will likely be limited to my Gen X peers–you have to have seen Viper’s TV commercial. For you less fortunate, I recommend you watch it. It’s funnier than anything I’ve ever produced. You can see it here.

Finally, it’s not required, but certainly helps, to know that Darrell Issa, as president of the company, provided the “Viper armed” voice for the commercial!

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