Track #121: When I Get this Feeling, I Need . . .

121 When I Get this Feeling

The shot in panel 2 is exactly what I received from my third “follower” on Twitter.

As you can see from Neil’s shirt, the newest Groupie Squirrel T-shirt, the decidedly meta “Groupie Squirrel” t-shirt, is available! I hope to have a secure and proper Store up and running in the near future, but in the meantime, if you’d like one of these shirts, or if you missed the Kickstarter but would like a “Death Star Mickey” shirt, and you trust me, just send money to through PayPal, plus an e-mail to the same address with your order details (name, shipping address, size and style of shirt, etc.). Shirts are $20 each plus $4 shipping/handling (add $1 for 2XL, $2 for 3XL, and $3 for 4XL).

You can see the beginnings of the store page by clicking on the Groupie Squirrel Tees link above, or just clicking here if you’re lazy.

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