Track #77: Then the Piper Will Lead Us to Reason

077 Then the Piper Will Lead us to Reason

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Credit where it’s due: Rob is about to start a game of GURPS: Generic Universal Role-Playing System. GURPS is a role-playing game, such as Dungeons & Dragons, only with generic rules that can be applied to any milieu, any genre. I’ve played it since I was in middle school, and it remains my favorite RPG rules set. The specific book Rob is buying is GURPS Banestorm, GURPS’ official fantasy setting.

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on “Track #77: Then the Piper Will Lead Us to Reason
3 Comments on “Track #77: Then the Piper Will Lead Us to Reason
  1. Heh, thanks (I think).

    I actually submitted this storyline to a gaming magazine. In his rejection letter (which I will admit was the most punctual rejection I’ve ever received!) the editor corrected my “typo.” “I think you meant ‘minstrel’.” As if I don’t know the difference! I’ll have him know I used to have a subscription to Ms.!

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