The Soundtrack Starts, The Scene Begins

009 The Soundtrack Starts the Scene Begins

For everyone who doesn’t get the reference, the lines, “Bruce! The Piano Man!” “That’s Billy Joel, dear.” are an homage to an old Bloom County strip. Credit where credit is due!

Okay, it took entirely too much time to get this strip posted. Aside from the usual problems I ran into every time I try something new in Photoshop (which is just about every time, given what a noob I am with PS), I kept hitting a brick wall every time I tried to actually post it to the site. After hours of work (admittedly mostly done by Chris the Web God–thanks Chris!), it’s finally up. Fortunately, the end product is good enough that I feel like it was almost worth it.

The amount of time and effort WtB requires suggests that this is a proper job, and proper jobs should pay the bills, so . . . It’s SELL OUT TIME!!!

So from now on I’m going to be providing links to products at Amazon and iTunes that are relevant to the post (actually, I’ve already done so on Half the Valley Shakes). If you have any interest in buying any of these items, please, please, please do so by going through those links first! That way, I’ll get a tiny portion of your hard-earned cash, which will make it MY hard-earned cash too! Isn’t sharing fun!!?

On a final sad note, as I was finalizing today’s strip, I was also working on Wednesday’s strip. Spoiler Alert, Wednesday includes a reference to The Doors. As fate and serendipity would have it, Ray Manzarek died today. RIP Ray. You were one of the greats.

patti smith horses
clash london calling
springsteen born usa
michael jackson thriller
josh joplin group

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on “The Soundtrack Starts, The Scene Begins
One Comment on “The Soundtrack Starts, The Scene Begins
  1. This is clearly spam, but I loved its broken-English attempt to trick me into thinking it was an actual critique that I had to post it.

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