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011 Secret Agent Man

I don’t always agree with President Obama, especially when it comes to his hawkish stance on foreign policy and executive power regarding terrorism, a policy stance that is barely to the left of that of George W. Bush. That’s why I was amazed and impressed when he took the unprecedented action of actually asking Congress to reel in executive power and provide more oversight over military operations, such as drone strikes. One of the reasons I argued vehemently against things like the AUMF and the USA PATRIOT Act is that presidents, no matter how liberal, NEVER willingly give up power. Ever. Dennis Kucinich wouldn’t have given up the power Bush and Cheney carved for the presidency!

Yet that is exactly what Obama says he wants to do! I don’t think the media, even MSNBC, is putting enough emphasis on this fact. Obama is offering to give up power! Even so, Republican Nutjobs (a term that is sadly becoming more and more redundant every day) still claim that Obama is just shy of Hitler on the Tyranny-O-Meter.

While I haven’t yet heard anyone claim Obama is just doing this so he won’t have to work so hard to violate the Constitution, I wonder how long it will be before my satire moot by saying something even crazier. And if you think I’m overreacting, that they’d never claim such a thing, last year then-president of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, made that exact argument regarding gun control at the 2012 CPAC convention.

Back to the story on Monday . . .

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