Never Forget

Never Forget 1040

The Gondor New Year (of the Fourth Age). V-M (Victory-Mordor) Day. March 25th, 1419 (of the Third Age), as the Shire reckons such things. Never forget.

With your help, we can commemorate this day with the third t-shirt offering from With the Band and Groupie Squirrel Tees! In the next day or two (as soon as I get final approval), we’re launching our Second Kickstarter: Groupie Squirrel Tees 2: Rodentric Boogaloo! I’ll provide a link here as soon as I have one.

Your pledge will help fund our growing stock of t-shirts, which will, in turn, help fund this time-sucking hobby of mine, and keep it going for years to come! You can pledge to receive this new shirt, so you can let your geek-flag fly and show your support for our Heroes (of the Third Age)! Or, if you prefer, you can get one of the “Death Star Mickey” shirts from the previous Kickstarter, or the new “Groupie Squirrel” that I bought using some leftover funds from the aforementioned First KS.

More to come . . .

And we’re off! Our Second Kickstarter has kicked AND started! Please Pledge as early as you can, as the first 48 hours are crucial to building momentum for the remainder of the Project! If you enjoy “With the Band,” help keep it going by Pledging to get one (or more!) of our awesome shirts (this is our third design, and you can select from any of the current three as your Rewards for Pledging)! Thanks!

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