Half the Valley Shakes

007 Half the Valley Shakes

Ta-da! Color!

Hot August Night is one of my favorite albums. Back in the age before MP3 players, when we Gen Xers for some reason feared being stranded on a desert island with only limited amounts of our beloved media, HAN consistently made my list of top 10 CDs to bring with me. It’s an amazing mix of Neil Diamond’s catchiest (“Crunchy Granola Suite”), quirkiest (“Porcupine Pie”), and stones (“Stones”) songs. If you’re a Neil Diamond fan, it’s probably one of your favorites as well. If you’re not, you should definitely check it out.

That said, even as a kid I found the cover just a little bit creepy, partly because the orange haired hippy in the denim cowboy jumpsuit doesn’t fit Diamond’s image, but mostly because . . . what the hell is he doing with his hands? It’s like he’s air-masturbating with a dong that would make John Holmes jealous. Seriously, I can imagine Derek Smalls seeing that and thinking, “That’s a bit much, mate.”

Still, it’s iconic, and I had more fun drawing and coloring it than is probably healthy.

A big shout out to my big brother James for being Diamond’s biggest fan. Thanks for playing his music all through my childhood, and especially for tricking our parents into naming me after the man (even if he did have to settle for spelling it like my grandmother Neal–I like the “a” spelling better anyway!).

Finally, a no prize for the first person out there (other than James) who can explain the “Eice Cherry” reference!


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    • That is indeed correct! Imagine what hip hop would have looked like in the 80s and 90s if the Artist Who Became Neil Diamond had used the name Eice?

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