We’re back . . . sort of! I know I said we’d be back January 6th, and it’s now January 8th, and more to the point, this isn’t a real strip, just another one-off. There’s a reason for that! We here at With the Band have hit another important webcomic milestone, and while I can’t say it’s one that I didn’t expect, at some point, it IS one I had hoped to avoid: that is, the requisite “Comic Ecdysiast Injures Him/Her-self and Cannot Meet Deadline! You know, THAT old trope!

An alarming number of the webcomics I follow regularly have had to go on involuntary hiatus: Rod Hannah at the awesome Star Wars parody “Blue Milk Special” has severe back problems (with which I can thoroughly sympathize!) that sometimes prevent him from posting on schedule (he has a gofundme site to help); Rich Burlew at “Order of the Stick” severed a tendon in his hand last year, which put him out of order (heh, sorry) for months; and recently Brian Patterson of “D20 Monkey” (a fantastic, and often dirty, strip about role-playing games) broke his knee and had to interrupt his Christmas story arc (get better soon, Brian!). It’s almost scary, and now I’ve gained a little ‘toon cred and joined them–if in only a minor way.

My other job is SAT Tutor–I only strip to support my SAT habit–and a week ago Monday, as I was leaving a student’s house, I failed to notice that the steps were covered in a sheet of ice. I went down, hard. I fell from the top of the staircase below, and did a face plant into the snow bank at the bottom.

Icy Steps

I got REALLY lucky. I have herniated disks in my back and neck, and falls are extremely dangerous for me. I have to say, I was terrified when I fell, because a fall like could have easily put me in the hospital, or done serious permanent damage. As it was, I got pretty banged up, and I bruised the crap out of my ankle (no apparent break or sprain). But through it all I got a gift, in the form of the following picture: that is my FACE in that snow bank! You can tell I’m terrified!

Faceplant 2

Anyway, I’m still sore but I’m pretty much better. I’m working on some new strips, and I should have the first one done and up by Friday–Monday at the latest (I’ll try to throw up another one-shot Friday if the strip’s not ready until Monday). Thanks everyone, and Happy New Year!

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