‘Cause You Need to Get Back in the Arms

017 Cause You Need to Get Back in the Arms

Photoshop continues to vex me. I spent the better part of an hour trying to do something I’ve done a dozen times already, which inexplicably stopped working today. Ultimately I fixed it, and as with almost every other time I fixed a problem in an Adobe program, I have no idea how I fixed it. Bleah.

Today’s strip features the return of the most popular character in With the Band to date, according to comments and e-mails on the subject: the squirrel! (One reader suggested that I put the squirrel in every strip as an Easter egg–honestly, I’m way too lazy to draw strips complex enough to make it a challenge.)

Finally, for some reason, no matter how many times I draw Rob, I can never seem to draw his hair the same way twice in a row. Today was particularly bad. The end result you see here is AFTER I “fixed” things in Photoshop, if that tells you anything about the hand-drawn original. I can definitely see vast improvement in my drawings from Track 1 to Track 17, but it’s still becoming clear to me that drawing is going to be like my guitar playing: no matter how much I do it, apparently I will never achieve the kind of precision that masters attain. So fuck you, Malcolm Gladwell!

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